Inside the head of an experienced Life Coach

From an early age I had “coach-like” qualities. Everything from good organisation skills, which saw me arranging my Mum’s toiletries in size & colour order so they looked better, to being the friend who sorted out everyone’s problems.

As a teenager I was teased for always being colour co-coordinated, from my lipstick to my nail polish, but I just saw it as attention to detail – I still do. My notebooks & journals were beautifully laid out and I loved a post it note even then. My school reports were full of words like ‘lively’ and ‘spirited’, and I’m definitely both of those!

A life in life coaching – How did I get here?

In my past working lives, I worked in sales and advertising, ran a vintage clothes shop, organised a major Blues Festival and ran a successful Marketing Agency working with major brands. My working life has been rich in variety, and my varied experiences help me to help my clients.

When I was made redundant in 2002 I experienced Life Coaching for myself and it was then I recognised how beneficial it could be when we were at crossroads in our lives.

I changed tack and re-trained as a Life Coach in 2003, having finally decided that my life skills could benefit others as well as providing me with a better work-life balance. In 2008 I sold my share in the Marketing Agency, took a huge leap of faith and started coaching full time. The rest is history.

Why am I the person to support you?

As a Practical Life Coach, I’m someone who will always be honest with you and I’ll help you be honest with yourself, too. You’ll find me non-judgemental and fair, which means you’ll feel safe, respected, cared for and nurtured.

I might ask you tricky questions that others might not ask. I will push you but also support you, It’s part of the job. The things we discuss between us will enable you to move forward and change your life for the better.

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