I’ve had the great pleasure of working with many fantastic clients since working as a life coach. Here are some of the things that they’ve said about me.

“When I met Kate, I was at a particularly low point in my life and was very sceptical about the whole “Life Coaching” concept and whether it worked.  I changed my mind during our first session!  Kate made me feel normal and special all at the same time.  She opened my eyes and taught me to not be so hard on myself and that all my feelings and thoughts were the same as everyone else’s and it really was not that bad after all.  We were able to tackle “work life” issues as well as some “personal life” issues together, which in turn changed my perspective on everything.”


“Working with Kate has enabled me to readdress aspects of my working life, which had in the past prevented me from achieving my goals. Her personalised techniques for managing my time and learning when and how to say no have increased both my productivity and my confidence. Now when chatting with friends over a glass of wine about our working days most of my sentences start with “Kate says…” or “I’ve learnt a technique to deal with that”. Her help and support have proved invaluable to me.”


“The best way I can describe a session with Kate is I arrive with my head feeling like a tangled ball of wool and when I leave her, I feel untangled, calm and able to tackle the next hurdles with renewed vigour!”


“Be brave, book Kate, see how her no-nonsense, straight forward approach can de-clutter your life and leave you in a place that feels so much more manageable and in control. I will be recommending her to several of my friends.”


“I guess many men wouldn’t think of using a Life Coach – more fool them! Kate has helped me to get a better Life work balance so that I can not only enjoy my career but enjoy my family too. She’s objective, straightforward and really easy to talk to. I like her logical approach and how she made me accountable for my actions. Just wish I’d done it sooner.”


“I always thought that seeing a life coach was a bit unnecessary and that people just needed a bit more ‘get up and go’. As I don’t lack motivation, I just couldn’t see what a life coach could do for me. However, I decided to pick up the phone for a free half hour consultation with Kate.

“What could I lose?

“Nothing, as it turns out. Yet so very much to gain. Kate is the friend who understands your talents and personality but who is not afraid of asking you challenging questions. She sees things objectively, like no friend or family member can. She keeps you on track with your goals and helps you to achieve them without you ever feeling nagged at or criticised. She keeps you motivated when you feel like you want to give up.

“What I value most in Kate is her honesty and how much she genuinely wants to help you succeed. I feel very thankful that I decided to pick up the phone that day. I am now en route to a career I would never have been brave enough to venture into without her. Thank you Kate!!”


“Kate is the most organised person that I have ever met. She brings a unique dimension to personal and business coaching. She has helped me to achieve important business goals using her practical step-by-step approach. She gives open and construction feedback so that you know where best to concentrate your efforts. Kate helps you separate the important from the urgent, to avoid getting bogged down with mundane and boring tasks. She helps you concentrate on the things that have the most positive impact on your own life and the people you interact with. Kate is empathic, patient and understanding and gives you the time and freedom to express what matters most to you personally.”