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Practical, downloadable resources to help you get your life on track.

The Cheat Sheet: Easing the Overwhelm

Cheat your way to being organised with this free worksheet. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it can help ease that and help you organise your life more easily.


Using anchors in our week helps us to manage our time better. They can help us focus and prioritise in creating a structure to our week. Then we can set certain tasks for certain times, so that they become habits – this free worksheet will show you how.

Life Laundry

Life Laundry days are those that you schedule into your calendar where you can catch up on tasks, plan for the weeks ahead and feel more in control. This free worksheet will help your plan your Life Laundry days so you feel more organised and less overwhelmed.

Self Care Isn’t Selfish

In this workbook – Self Care Isn’t Selfish –  you will look at what self care means to you and how to re-introduce it into your life again.

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The fear of change.

Life coaching is a tool that is often used to help support those who wish to make changes in their lives. Change can be scary; you know you need to do it but you’re not Read more…