As Valentine’s Day approaches this weekend, I suspect it will feel very different to many? There will be those who will not be able to see their loved one, there will be those who have seen far too much of their loved one and there will be those who are already struggling with feelings of loneliness without having Valentine’s Day thrust down their throats!

It’s a strange old day at the best of times – has it become a commercial nightmare for you so that you and your partner ignore it or is it a day you usually do something romantic  for your loved one? I seem to talk to more and more people who hate the fact that restaurants suddenly charge extortionate prices, that flowers go through the roof, even cards seem to cost the earth? Whatever it means for you you can guarantee we will be bombarded by the media with images of hearts & flowers, there will be special offers on Valentine’s food & meal deals and once again, the retailers will be trying to get inside our heads, creating that niggling thought of “Should I?”

I won’t be with my husband this year, he will be self isolating elsewhere so it’s a non starter for us. However, due to his work, we are rarely together on Valentine’s Day so usually allocate another completely random day when we have a meal together, buy cards and celebrate us. It will be the same this year.

I would like to think that this last 12 months has taught us much more about doing things differently and also about those small acts of human kindness that have touched so many? Maybe this Valentine’s Day is about spreading the love a bit wider? Maybe we need to be reaching out to those on their own with a phone call, a card (it doesn’t have to be an expensive Valentine’s card)? What about getting children to make an abundance of paper hearts and filling windows with them, even with messages of love to all those who need it right now? A neighbour of mine is getting her children to make heart shape cookies which they will be delivering to people’s doorsteps (covid safely) which even if people don’t eat them, what a lovely gesture?

My friends and I have often sent each other texts on Valentine’s Day, especially when we know someone is on their own just reminding them how loved they are, it’s a little thing but it’s a lovely thing.

What can you do this weekend to spread some love, some positivity out into the world? Maybe your small act of kindness will be the big difference in someone else’s day?

Maybe you need to show yourself some kindness, some love this coming weekend? A weekend of celebrating you? Order in the chocolates, indulge in the movie, light the candles – self care is also an important part of love.

I hope that by flagging this up now, it will give you time to prepare something lovely, something loving for this weekend ahead. Wishing you a joyful & positive Valentine’s weekend filled with love, whatever you may be doing.