We have a bank holiday looming, the sun has been shining (in most places) and there is a feeling of hope in the air. Although we are limited as to what we can do, some of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted and hopefully people are getting to catch up with friends and family albeit outside for the time being.

There will be those who are feeling anxious about this emergence from lockdown, there will be those who still can’t see family & friends yet. There will be those who are already feeling the tide of panic having  arranged too many things to do or the guilt of not enough…….

Baby steps my friends, baby steps.

Our lives have been turned upside down for the last year, it’s no wonder that we are all readjusting to the changes. This is a time to be kind to yourself and yes, I know I bang on about it all the time but you can only manage what you can manage and if that is taking things VERY gently so be it.

Friends and family can and will wait. The kids will survive an Easter holiday that is not rammed with activities – they’ve coped the last year! If you only manage a few gentle walks and haven’t got back to your “normal” sport of choice – it doesn’t matter! Take your time. Set your own pace. Enjoy doing some relaxing outdoor things with the family this Easter, it doesn’t need to be all go!

Have’t got back to full healthy eating mode? Don’t worry – it’s Easter, eat the chocolate, drink the wine, celebrate that you have survived the last year and raise a glass to those no longer with us.

A time for reflection, a time to gently enjoy the lighter evenings, the Spring sunshine and the feeling of new beginnings.

I wish you all a peaceful, sunshine filled and hopeful Easter. I hope you find some joy during your break and can be both kind to yourself and those around you.