Oh what a difference some blue sky and sunshine makes!

Everyone I have spoken to over the last few days has felt better, more positive, uplifted and generally cheerful. Yes it is only the beginning of March, yes, we all know that the weather will continue to change throughout the next month – we’ll have cold days, we’ll have wet days, we’ll still have some grey days, BUT……….

WE MADE IT THROUGH JANUARY AND FEBRUARY and to be quite honest with you I think that is bordering on miraculous! “Well done, you’re brilliant!”

And guess what? The children go back to school next week! One of my clients is convinced that if we all stand on our doorsteps at 9am on Monday March 8th, you will be able to hear the cheer of parents up and down the country as home schooling comes to an end. Another “well done, aren’t you brilliant” heading your way.

So as we head into new territory, as we make tiny weeny baby steps out of lockdown, we must keep the sunny days in our heads, we must focus on the hope. It is inevitable that we will be tested. We will see people (and have already seen people) behaving as if the pandemic is over and it will upset and infuriate us. I suspect there will be changes of dates, changes to the route map depending on figures and statistics and that will feel exasperating particularly when we see so many flouting the rules BUT we must remember the sunny days we have just experienced. We will get out again, things will get better.

Holding onto those feelings of hope will be more important than ever. If over the next few days you get the opportunity whilst the sun is still shining, sit for a moment and really take in how it feels.

How does your body feel with some warmth on it?

How do you feel seeing the blue sky and sunshine?

How does your day start when you look out of the window and it’s NOT grey and drizzling?

Maybe even write down how you’re feeling to remind yourself during those moments of frustration or sadness, the days where it rains or is grey, just how different you can feel?

It’s time to notice those little moments of joy again, the spring flowers poking their heads up, the birdsong in the mornings, the buds on the plants -signs of new life emerging from a cold, dark and grim winter.

Maybe start writing a gratitude diary, noticing 3 things each day that you feel grateful for? They don’t have to be life changers – “I’m grateful that I have clean water at the turn of a tap.” “I’m grateful that I have electricity” “I’m grateful that it’s nearly Easter and I have another excuse for bucket loads of chocolate”……get the idea? It’s amazing how much these thoughts add to your general sense of wellbeing especially if you can keep it up for a while.

You’ve come this far. You have survived. Maybe only just but you have. Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for getting to March and keep hopeful, keep those sunshine filled days in mind and in the words of the wonderful Sir Captain Tom Moore…….

“Tomorrow will be a good day.”