I’m not talking about other peoples’ here, I’m talking about our own! We all have those days where we wake up feeling a little grumpy, where we know that we have a short fuse. We find ourselves snapping at the silliest of things – somebody leaves something somewhere they shouldn’t, you go to the fridge and there’s a tiny drop of milk left, you walk down the street and somebody is so busy looking at their phone you have to sidestep into the road to get past them. Things that on a normal day you would usually take in your stride and manage.

We are allowed to have days where we feel less tolerant, we cannot be perfect happy and jolly all the time that’s just not real. So, what are the best things to do when you wake up and you know it is one of those days?

  1. Be realistic as to what you can achieve that day if you are feeling short tempered tackling big projects it’s probably not going to be overly productive.
  2. Remind yourself that this is about you, you’re the one feeling grumpy so be mindful of how you speak to others it’s not their fault you got out of bed on the wrong side.
  3. Keep your day as simple as possible, avoid possible confrontation, I would even go as far as to say avoid people as much as possible if you’re feeling really grumpy, but that might not be possible. Give yourself space.
  4. Remember that this is just a day, this day will pass and tomorrow will probably feel much better therefore don’t expect too much put one foot in front of the other and get through the day.
  5. Be kind to yourself there is every chance that you will get to the end of your day and feel a bit bleurgh, maybe you have snapped at someone you wished you hadn’t, maybe you just know you’ve walked around with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp (love that expression) but whatever you’ve done it’s just a day. Apologise if needs be but put it all down to experience and know that tomorrow will be another day.


None of us are perfect we all have good and bad days it’s how we manage those days that not only affect us but all those around us. If we can be kind to ourselves and kind to others the majority of the time we’re doing a pretty good job.