So here is is, “freedom day.” Free from what I ask myself? Free from Covid? No. Free from worry & anxiety? No. Free from the need to be cautious? No……..actually, far too many “no’s” to mention!

So, if you are feeling anxious, if this whole idea of relaxing all the rules and regulations and getting back to normal fills you with dread, please believe me, you are not on your own! as I have said before in various posts, you have to do what you can do and what you can manage at your own pace keeping yourself and others as safe as you can.

Some suggestions from me;

  • Continue to wear masks in crowded areas even if in those areas the rules have been relaxed.
  • Before you make any arrangements to do anything, ask yourself “do I feel comfortable with this, will it make me unnecessarily anxious?” If the answer is yes, change the arrangement.
  • Limit the number of news bulletins you watch and the amount of news you read – right now there are very few good news stories and what is being talked about is quite likely to add to your anxiety.
  • Avoid social media if you can – there inevitably will be the sharing of photos and information hi-lighting the packed places, the people who choose to relax the rules and this is NOT everyone but these are the pictures that get a response and the ones that are likely to add to your anxiety.
  • If you know certain friends are delighted that the regulations are being relaxed and that they won’t be able to help themselves but jump up and down about it, either avoid them for now or avoid the subject as best you can.
  • Your home, your rules – if you want people to wear a mask in your house or to continue to sit in the garden or not come around at all, THAT IS YOUR RIGHT.
  • Keep talking to people! If you feel anxious, talk to friends that you know will listen. Talk to bosses and explain your anxiety – DO NOT sit and suffer in silence.

Obviously these are only my suggestions, most of which I will be following myself. It is totally understandable you feel anxious, it is definitely okay to go at your own pace and it’s important to be open and honest with those around you.

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a scientist, just like you, I have no idea where this is all going BUT the truth of the matter is we do have to learn to adapt our behaviour to what is happening right here and now. it seems that we will need to be continually adjusting and adapting for quite some time so if we are very clear in our own minds as to how we navigate this period in our lives, if we are very clear as to what our personal boundaries are it will reduce our anxiety and make life a little more manageable.

And please, please be kind to one another – not everyone will share the same views as you, we will all be finding our own way to navigate this next period of our lives and we have no idea what others may be coping with. Kindness always matters.

Don’t forget – if you are struggling, if things feel really frightening for you right now, do NOT sit in silence, please ask for help.