So… we head towards another lockdown, I’m hearing lots of mixed feelings from my clients and friends. There are those who feel it is entirely necessary in fact, they feel it’s not tough enough, there are those who think we should have been doing this weeks ago and there are those (who I have to admit are in the minority) who feel we should “just be getting on with it!”

I know how I feel, I’m not writing this to give my opinion on what the government should and shouldn’t have done, what I’m interested in is how we all get through the next 4 weeks, maybe more at a time of year when the weather isn’t necessarily at it’s best, we’re on the run up until Christmas and still recovering from the last lockdown mentally, physically and financially?

Yes there are differences this time, students will still be at schools, colleges and Universities. Certain industries will continue to function, we have adapted to working from home, we are better equipped (allegedly). We have got better at shopping on line and using the local resources that are available to us, BUT……it still feels grim.

Personally the grim bit for me is that this virus is still rampant, that it is causing such catastrophic harm across the world and trying to keep positive when we are bombarded with continual bad news is a challenge for even the most positive amongst us.


I am setting myself a lockdown challenge and you are very welcome to join me! I might even think of several challenges but right now my brain is a bit mushed so let’s start with one.

For every day of lockdown, I am going to post something I feel grateful for. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, it can be the tiniest thing but it will mean something to me and to you if you choose to accept this challenge?

To give you some ideas, I’m thinking along the lines of;

  • Grateful to be able to get out into the fresh air
  • Grateful that we have the NHS
  • Grateful that I have my dog for company
  • Grateful that I can still work

You get the idea…….

I hope to find or take suitable pictures to compliment my daily gratitude and i know from previous experience that focusing on the things i am grateful for certainly helps my mental health. If there is anything you are going to be trying this lockdown to keep your spirits up (I don’t mean eating chocolate or gin drinking although they do have their place) please feel free to share.

I’ll be starting on Thursday over on Instagram @katetlifecoach so I hope you’ll join me and we can keep each other going through the next month.