Now the festive season has faded, and the winter chill really settles in, the mid-winter months often bring a sense of post-holiday blues and seasonal challenges. February can be particularly tricky – although spring is on the horizon, we see little sunshine and the days can feel very grey.

Historically, we would have hibernated over these winter months – only going outside to gather firewood and whatever food we could find – but we no longer have that luxury. So, how do we manage the winter blues in our modern-day world?

Alternatives to complete hibernation.

  1. Create a cosy and productive workspace and home environment.
    Enhance your indoor environment with warm lighting, comfortable surroundings and personal touches.
    If you work from home, organise your workspace to boost productivity and create a positive atmosphere.
  2. Embrace winter fitness
    Find enjoyable indoor workouts or winter sports to stay active. There are lots of great, free workout videos on You Tube. Try Yoga with Adriene or get your groove on with a dance workout by 305 Fitness.
    Take time for a brisk walk – just get out of doors!
  3. Adopt healthy winter eating habits.
    Explore nourishing, seasonal recipes to support overall well-being.
    Incorporate immune-boosting foods to stay healthy during flu season.
  4. Cultivate a winter hobby.
    Engage in indoor hobbies like crafting, painting, or learn a new instrument.
    Channel creative energy into a project that brings you joy. The winter months are a great time to create a vision board
  5. Plan short getaways or days out for the warmer months.
    Break up the winter monotony with weekend getaways. Think about where you would like to go.
    Research ideas to explore nearby attractions for days out near your home
  6. Utilise natural light.
    Maximize exposure to natural light to regulate circadian rhythms and boost mood. A recent survey showed the more time spent outdoors in natural light, the less depressed the participants felt.
    Consider using light therapy lamps to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Spring IS on the way; the days ARE getting longer. Embracing winter, hunkering down and using the time positively will have much greater benefits than fighting the season.

Hibernation, as much as it seems a lovely idea, is not always the answer – what can you do instead?