Rainbow with stormy sky

I am writing this looking out of my window at a very grey and wet February day, one of those days where you’d just like to stay in bed, read your book and get up when it’s a bit more cheerful outside again.

I’m not good with January and February – I can do pre-Christmas when it’s cold and dark but also sparkly and exciting in the build up until Christmas but after Christmas, well that’s just rubbish!

No-one has any money; everyone seems to be doing ridiculous detoxing and setting themselves the most unachievable goals that they can conjure up and now we have the added joy of “dry January” – who thought that up at a time we all need some creature comforts? Even Barney our dog looks at me with complete disgust when I try and take him out for a walk!

Valentine’s Day has its place but equally, depending on your personal circumstances, can be really quite tough for some and February is kind of a “nothing” month isn’t it? (apologies to those born in February obviously not nothing to you….)

As far as coaching goes, it’s a busy time for me with people setting New Year’s resolutions and goals for the year ahead, often attracting new clients so I enjoy that aspect of these months. They still seem interminably long and not one for ever wishing my life away, I look forward to coming out the other side of winter.

However, now the evenings are getting lighter, I have seen a few daffodils poking their heads above the surface and a few tentative crocuses appearing so Spring MUST be on the way. Already clients appear “lighter” more focused and interested in life (apart from days like today) and we discuss more creative, inspirational plans.

I won’t be sorry to say goodbye to January and February – you’ve served your purpose, now bring on March and the wonders of Spring with it please!