I LOVE September, I have always loved September even when we were going back to school. It wasn’t the going back to school bit that I loved, I hated school, but I loved that feeling of new beginnings whether it was a new school uniform, new shoes or the best bit, a new pencil case and pens!

This feeling of a new start has never left me, for me September and the Autumn is time to shed the old stuff and make way for the new. Those who know and work with me, know that I am not one for “New year resolutions” or January goal setting – to me that time of year does not lend itself to creating change, reflection maybe, but not actual change. So, every year as we head toward the Autumn, I reflect on how the year has been so far and what I would like to do differently for the next chapter? It’s also an opportunity to plan for the months ahead so that I make the most of time at home when we’re restricted by weather etc.

Each September, my clients and I wait for school to return for some semblance of normality to creep back into our lives and then we look at the next few months, the run up until Christmas (yes, I did just say that word) and how we can not only make it work for us but make it feel like an enjoyable journey rather than a gloomy one!

Here are some of the September challenges I work on with clients;

  1. How is your year looking so far? Are there any areas you feel need adjustment? Are there goals or tasks you wish to complete before the end of the calendar year? List the goals and write 5 bullet points for each as to how you can stay on track to achieve them.


  1. So, salad eating is nearly at an end, how can you stay on track with your healthy eating as the weather gets colder and we are indoors more often which can lead to unhealthy snacking? List healthy wholesome meal options – what can you and your family eat relatively easily? If you create a “go to” list, on those days you feel uninspired, you already have some ideas. Maybe batch cook to save some time?


  1. What about your wardrobe? Do you need to start putting away some of your summer clothes? Are there items that you need for this winter – a new coat, new boots? Make a list of what you need and then keep it on your phone or in your handbag so that when you do go shopping, you’re more likely to buy what you need rather than that spontaneous item that sits in your wardrobe. This also helps you budget better.


  1. How are you going to exercise this Autumn/Winter? Do you need to change your routine? Is there something that lends itself to a different time in the year? Could this be an opportunity to start a new class – maybe you’ve always wanted to try Zumba or something similar?


  1. Autumn clean & declutter. Spring cleaning is historically the obvious big clean up, but Autumn can be a great time to change the energy in the house. Get the music on, open the windows (providing it’s not blowing a gale) and get moving. Wash the throws & cushion covers, clean the carpets, give the place a jolly good wash & brush up and while you’re there, maybe have a declutter? I like changing things around a bit in the Autumn, making it cosier, getting the throws out and buying some new candles, creating a snug space.


These are just a few of the things I focus on with clients, enabling them to embrace the months ahead rather than dread them. If we take the time to plan, if we find ways to reenergise ourselves then as we head towards Christmas, we are less likely to feel completely drained by it all.

What other things can you look forward to this Autumn?

  • Cold mornings and sunny days?
  • The beauty of the trees and falling leaves.
  • Hot chocolate for no reason.
  • Jeans & jumpers – getting out your favourite boots!
  • Fireworks
  • Rainy days where you can tuck up and not feel guilty for doing nothing!
  • Delicious stews & soups
  • And of course, the obligatory new pencil case (or at least some new stationary!)

I know these next few months are not for everyone, and I know we face some challenging times ahead, but I cannot wait! Maybe it’s because as a coach I embrace change and this quote for me just about sums it up…….


“Autumn the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful”