As we head towards August and many of my clients are either off on holiday or juggling childcare with work or both, I have decided to take a bit of a social media break for the month.

For the last couple of weeks, I have struggled with Covid and although I am on the mend, I have had to take my own advice and pace myself as the fatigue has been something else. I have needed to prioritise certain things over others to protect my energy to enable me to get back to coaching albeit gently and allowing for the odd “nana nap” in the afternoon!

I often talk about the need to unplug, the need to step back from the doom scrolling – the effect it can have on our mental health, and this can be even more so if you are the person responsible for social media for your business, the pressure can feel immense. You are very aware that the key to a good online presence is consistency, but managing your time to write the blogs, plan the Instagram posts, update Linked In etc. etc. can feel like a pressure that you just don’t need or want all the time, and do you know what? That is okay!

So, for me, I will still be coaching, I also have some time booked out to spend with my husband, I will be planning some exciting stuff for September, but I will be having a break from the “needing to post” and that feels like a holiday in itself!

See you in September! I’m only an email away if you decide that you’d like a chat about some coaching, maybe this Autumn is the time to tackle some of that stuff on your to-do list? Maybe there are some changes you want to make, and I can support you with that? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.