For me this has certainly been a time of contemplation, a time to review certain aspects of my life.

Leading a considerably more simple life over the last couple of months now makes me question some of the things I have assumed I needed, some of the things that seemed important and makes me wonder what changes I might make, what changes I will need to make in this next period of my life?

It’s amazing how the gift of time (and yes I know, not everybody has had that gift) can clarify your thought process. However much time I have had, there are somethings I now know I will never find time for….

  • cleaning skirting boards – not the slightest bit interested even though I have always said “if only I had more time”
  • Making ALL my cards/Christmas cards to have a stash ready & waiting – I’ve discovered I can only make things if I spontaneously feel creative, NOT if I plan to sit down and make things.
  • Photo books – a lovely idea but way too expensive and what will I do with them once I’ve made them? Put them on a bookshelf and not look at them there either?
  • Baking – I’m just not that good at it and it doesn’t matter enough to me to want to keep trying.
  • On line exercise – an absolute god send to so many, I can see its totally brilliant, but for me, it still doesn’t motivate me to do it. Maybe I just haven’t found my “thing?”
  • Online social media courses for my business  – I’ve always said that I didn’t have the time or headspace to do these. What’s become apparent to me now is that I just don’t enjoy them and actually, I know enough stuff from my “marketing background” to be able to support my business.

There are many more things that I could list here, instead of which, I have made a note of to remind myself that there are some things that I can let go of and that the world won’t come crashing down – me cleaning my skirting boards will not affect my quality of life!

So what will I change?

  • I’m going to continue to shop locally for food, just using supermarkets for the things I can’t get nearby and I’m not going to buy as much.
  • I’m going to continue to walk as much as I can and as often as I can only using the car when essential.
  • I’m going to get up even earlier and enjoy the peace during my dog walk so that it sets me up for the day.
  • I really don’t need that many clothes. Yes, I enjoy buying bits and pieces but I’m only going to buy the things I need or I really love, not things that are a quick fix or to make do.
  • I’m going to do much more coaching via zoom, FaceTime & Skype and I’m going to create different packages to help and support clients who’s lives have also changed and therefore need a different approach.
  • I’m going to invest my time and energy into the friends and family that I have been in regular contact with and keep up the phone calls, the cards, the video calls particularly with those who live further away. I am clearer about the people who don’t get that investment from me.

This really is a time when people can decide to do things differently. We can if we choose, decide to create some new habits and make some changes within our lives that serve us better.

From a global perspective, I’m hoping that people will learn to be kinder –  not just to ourselves but to one another. There’s a long way to go yet but we are all dipping our toes in the water of a “new normal” and maybe, just maybe, that new normal might bring some hugely needed positive change?