When I talk to my clients about self-care or the much talked about ‘me’ time, invariably I get told all the reasons why people cannot fit this into their lives.

Women particularly seem to struggle with terminology like self-care and me time. Self-care can be viewed as selfish, or a luxury and something that does not take priority in their lives.

Recently I was discussing with a client what their own me time looked like? For them, it wasn’t going for a massage, or having their nails done, but pottering around the house, getting those small household tasks completed, giving them a huge sense of satisfaction.

I can really relate to that. Having the time to do things is the ultimate self-care for me. Not having to cram things into the days where I’m not coaching feels luxurious, and strangely, quite restful. All those things that you’ve been meaning to do but can’t quite find the time to do them – your life laundry.

What is Life Laundry?

It’s all the things that are outside of your work that help your life to run more smoothly, more efficiently. Those things that sometimes niggle away at you, even though they seem completely unnecessary to others.

Some examples of life laundry include:

  • Topping up the birthday present box
  • Dropping bags to the charity shop
  • Cleaning out the cupboard under the sink
  • Taking clothes to be altered/taken up or in
  • Booking appointments such as the vet, doctor, dentist
  • returning phone calls.
  • Organising get togethers with friends and family.

When clients struggle with the words, self-care or me time, I often suggest that they substitute those words for life laundry. This seems particularly beneficial for those who are self-employed and struggle to take time out to do things that are important for them. They often find themselves needing to give themselves permission to tackle those jobs.

How to Manage your Life Laundry.

I recommend to clients, and this will come as no surprise, that you schedule in life laundry days. These days can be as frequent as you wish and will lessen the overwhelm if you manage them correctly. It might be one day of a weekend, or it might be part of a holiday. If you’re self-employed, it might be the odd day dotted here and there throughout a month just to keep on top of things. The one thing is that they do need to be dedicated days, where you can switch off from everything else and just concentrate on your stuff!

So, next time you have a ‘day off’ work, instead of beating yourself up because you are NOT adhering to the traditional ‘me time’, enjoy your life laundry day pottering, getting stuff done, enjoying the sense of satisfaction, or ticking things off your own personal list – it can be just as relaxing.

For more help with your Life Laundry days, download my free worksheet on my website.