Well this weekend I felt completely overwhelmed.

I don’t know what triggered it but I spent most of Sunday bursting into tears over anything – sad news stories, amazingly uplifting news stories, a piece of music that evoked happy memories, a piece of music that made me miss my Mum terribly. Just as I thought I was feeling a bit better, I’d hear another “feel good story” and that was it……blubbing all over again!

Chocolate didn’t help, in fact I felt cross with myself that my eating habits were not as healthy as they usually are. A large glass of wine didn’t help – I chastised myself for drinking too much. Everything I tried to do made me feel worse and completely overwhelmed so I stopped…….

I decided that I was allowed to feel crap. I decided that the world wouldn’t fall to pieces if I didn’t check in with my Dad, my Aunt, my god mother and various other older family members for one day. I decided that watching television during the afternoon wouldn’t turn me into a couch potato forever and that actually, escaping for a few hours might be just what I needed?

“What would you say to a client feeling overwhelmed?” I asked myself and the answer was to be kind. To be kind to me and to be kind to those in the direct vicinity of me (my hubby and the dog) and to give myself a break for the weekend, allow myself to feel crap and then next week would be a new week and I knew I’d feel different.

So here I am, Tuesday morning, I’ve been out with the dog, I’ve showered, washed my hair, put on some make up (for me) and I do feel better. This afternoon I’m going to plan how I can use my coaching to help more people, to support people coming out the other side of this. How I can be kind and effective and also pay my bills and I will feel better for doing all of that.

I had a bad weekend, I was overwhelmed and  I’m ok………for now.

So all those feeling the same and there will be many, be kind to yourself, give yourself a break. Take a day or a couple of days to reboot before you get back on the horse and ride off again (obviously you can’t ride anywhere at the moment but you know what I mean!)

Sending much love and kindness to all of you – keep breathing, stay at home and stay safe and we will get through this.