Historically the New year is a time for planning the year ahead, many people (not me) spend a lot of time looking at what they wish to achieve in the forthcoming months.

I am NOT a New Year’s resolutions person, I never have been but I understand that it works well for lots of people, HOWEVER…..before we map out the expectations and goals for the year ahead, how often do we take time to reflect on the year that’s been?

This might be something that you do in December, it sounds like a good time to do it before the next year comes crashing in but who realistically makes time/has time in December to really look back at the previous year with any sort of intent?

Positive reflections.

So, how do we reflect on our year in a positive way at the same time making note of the things we have learned, the things we may not wish to carry forward, the things we want to keep on doing?

A list.

We love a list, or a mood board, or a mind map – something that you can physically look at.

Your reflections.

  1. Take time to go through your year month by month and remind yourself of events, achievements and obstacles that you incurred. Make a note for each month.
  2. Once you have pulled these things out of the memory banks, look at each thing individually and bullet point or even write a word or phrase that reminds you of what that event or happening brought you and taught you.
  3. Some things you will feel are not worth noting or perhaps you want to acknowledge them and then move on without making notes – that’s also fine.
  4. Having gone through all the months and identified the learnings, you can then chose to create a visual reminder of the year (your mind map, vision board etc.)
  5. Now pick out the important lessons, the important achievements and this doesn’t have to be just yours but maybe your child’s or partners?

On a separate piece of paper or even in your phone, make a note of the things you want to carry into 2024.

These can be things like –

  • I want to spend more time with XXXX
  • Regular pilates classes make me feel great, I need to make the space for them.
  • Spending time with X is a real drain on my energy – manage better.
  • Planning my meals/food shopping is a game changer.

These notes are just for you, they are reminders of what works and what doesn’t work for YOU.

Taking the time to reflect on a past year will often trigger you to remember just how much you have achieved – what a great way to start a year!