This will be my last blog for a month or so as I will not be coaching throughout December.

December is a busy month for most people and historically I have coached most years BUT it tends to be intermittent with lots of cancellations and rescheduling as people grapple with social stuff, Christmas tasks and other associated activities.

I totally get it.

December is busy for a lot of people.

Rather than get frustrated about an ever-changing diary or gaping holes in what started out as a jam-packed day, I’m doing it differently and taking the time out so I’m ready to go again in the New Year when it’s always busy.

Self-employed anxiety.

Being self-employed throws up all sorts of anxiety – “should I be taking this time off; I won’t be earning?” “Is it wise to take a break from social media, what if I lose followers?” “Am I letting clients down when stress levels are high?”

You cannot do it all, be it all, all of the time – you need to rest and recharge.

You even get caught up in – “is this incredibly self-indulgent to take this time out?” but ultimately, the reason we take the risks we do as business owners, freelancers, the self-employed is to be able to have a better work life balance, to be able to make these decisions however scary that might be sometimes.

Do things differently.

So, if you are reading this and have decided to do December or Christmas differently this year, if you are struggling with “what will people think?” or “should I’s?” – remember, sometimes we need to do what is right for us even if it doesn’t meet everyone else’s needs.

If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we possibly take care of others? Remember the air stewards’ wise words when talking about safety measures?

“Remember to put your own oxygen mask on first before you stop to help others!”

Wishing you a joyful December, a peace filled and kind Christmas and here’s hoping 2024 and the New year brings with it a more positive and kinder world.