Spring is a time for fresh starts. It’s also often when we start noticing the dust or mess as we emerge from the gloom of January and February. It’s amazing what dark days and candlelight can hide!

A good old spring clean – as in the physical act of cleaning – feels amazing, but if your home is cluttered, it’s hard to truly enjoy that clean feeling. All that stuff is still there, waiting to be dealt with.

This month, we’re diving into decluttering hacks to help you tackle the mess without the anxiety. Get ready for a lighter, brighter space!

What will we be decluttering?

The areas we are going to look at are:

  1. House clutter – clearing out the unnecessary and unwanted stuff.
  2. Wardrobe clutter – where to start when you clear out your wardrobe.
  3. Admin clutter – paperwork mountains and how to manage them.

For a detailed approach on how to declutter your house, download my workbook, which will take you through the process step by step.

Where do we start?

In the meantime, and to get you started, try the following –

  • Allocate some time to plan the declutter – this isn’t going to happen overnight.
  • Take a notebook, go into each room and note down what needs doing so you have a clear idea.
  • Once you have the notes on each room, start with the clearest – this can even be the loo. It just needs to be a quick win to motivate you.
  • Do one room at a time – do NOT move on until you’ve completed the room.

Approach this as a project rather than a task for a tired evening, and you’ll not only complete it but also find joy in seeing the clutter vanish and the space around you open up.

Finally, there are some great tips on decluttering on social media but just be careful that you don’t get so engrossed in someone “decluttering and cleaning their kitchen cupboards” on TikTok, that you don’t actually do your own!

Next week we’ll talk about steps to take to declutter your wardrobe.