Once upon a time, there was a lady who had had a tough few years and was feeling very sad. She had lost someone very precious to her and it had left a HUUUUUGE hole in her heart. As her husband worked away a lot and she knew that she needed to do some work on healing herself in order to be able to help others, she and her husband decided to buy a dog.

What dog to have? Was it a good idea? Who would look after it if she were away visiting her hubby? All these questions they pondered on long and hard and then as if by magic, a friend’s dog had puppies, gorgeous bundles of loveliness, little black Cockapoos. The lady went to visit them and instantly fell in love with one in particular who fell fast asleep up her sleeve.

“We’ve got to do this” she said to her hubby, “I can manage, it’ll be fine!”

After weeks of visiting the pup, it was time for him to come home which happened to coincide with her treasured friend coming to stay, visiting from Australia who thankfully also loved dogs. The preparations were made, the toys bought, the food researched. Endless newspapers were stocked up for “those little accidents” and the household deemed themselves ready!

Home he came.

As expected, the first few nights were a little challenging but to be honest, the lady and her friend were pleasantly surprised by how quickly he settled. Endless photos were taken, lots of cuddles to be had and then the “fun” started………..

Now firmly established in the house but still unable to walk the streets, this little bundle of joy didn’t know what to do with his excessive amount of energy. No amount of playing games, ripping up loo roll innards or rough & tumble on the carpet seemed to wear him out.

The lady was worn out. Her friend told her it would get better.

The lady who knew this deep down was suddenly beginning to think that her life would never be the same again. Would she be able to walk out the front door without feeling guilty? Would she ever be able to go to the loo again without a little pair of beady eyes watching? What a responsibility?

And then Piranha face entered the building.

Nobody tells you how sharp their teeth are when they’re that little. They don’t tell you about how they hang off all your clothes, swinging off your dressing gown so you end up wearing leggings everywhere, something they supposedly can’t get a grip on. The lady had teeth marks all around her calves.

The pup’s favourite game was the lady & her friend throwing a toy between then whilst he rushed backwards and forwards, teeth barred, tale wagging and then sinking his teeth into whatever was closest, often a limb. Piranha face was born.

The friend had to go and visit others, the husband had to go away for work leaving the lady sitting on the stairs often crying saying to herself “what on earth have I done?” as she dressed her wounds, repaired her clothes and sometimes even hid in the bedroom from Piranha face. There were genuine moments when she seriously considered her actions and the consequences of them.

So why am I telling you this?

Piranha face is now nearly 20 months old now. He has helped me heal beyond belief. When I’m sad (and yes I still get sad) he licks away my tears. When I’m  joyful, he picks up on my joy and visa versa. He gives me the best cuddles. He is a healing dog. He is known around the town as a lovely gentle dog who gravitates towards people that are having a tough time. It was worth the wait, the perseverance (even the scars and shredded jeans).

If you’d have told me how different it would be 18 months ago, I might not have believed you even though I knew enough about dogs/puppies to know it was a stage. At the time it didn’t feel like that. I was in that moment, I was struggling with so much and he was another pressure. Now I wouldn’t be without him EVER.

This has been a great lesson for me. I know things change, I know that sometimes you have to work through the really tough bits to come out the other side and as silly as this story might seem to others, it represented for me, the need to hang on in there for the good times because they do come.

Even Life Coaches who work with clients on this stuff daily, need reminding and Piranha Face is my wonderful reminder.