Beautiful daffodils

Hooray…..the sun is shining, the daffodils are peeping through, people are looking more “smiley” as they go about their everyday tasks and I guess we’re all just feeling a little bit better about life?

It’s very interesting for me how the sunshine affects my coaching clients (as with most other people I imagine) they seem to arrive at their sessions with more of a spring in their step, they seem more determined and their action lists seem more achievable.

It’s just so much easier to be motivated when it’s not cold grey and gloomy isn’t it? Even Barney has stopped refusing to go out and our early morning walks on the beach haven’t been battling against torrential rain and gale force winds (well not every day anyway.)

Dryer, brighter days has found me not only tackling things on the to-do list things that had sat there for ages waiting for “the right moment” or feeling more motivated again but also wanting to clean everything in sight. I don’t want the clutter, I’m keen to get rid of any junk, I enjoy opening the windows and let the wind of change blow through. It’s that creating space thing isn’t it? As it starts to feel lighter and brighter, I want both physical and emotional space – a clear head and a clear house to be able to get down to some of the things I want to achieve this year

So, this week, I’ve given myself a kick up the arse and once I have finished  coaching, the admin and other business necessities that need doing each day, I’ll also find time to start creating space and at the weekend, I’m going to give my home a good old-fashioned Spring clean ready to start the following week with renewed vigour and determination, my mind & home clear of clutter.

However, if it starts raining again, there’s every chance I’ll be curled up with a book a cuppa and a packet of biscuits avoiding all of the above!