The first vision board I experienced was the one my mum created for me the year I was taking my O’levels. It was a cork board in our kitchen, and I came down one morning to find it adorned with pictures, positive quotes and visualisations, all supporting me during exam time. It was a magical piece of work and hugely inspiring.

I never forgot it.

As I got older, I found myself regularly creating my own mood boards or vision boards. These could either be goal setting boards where I mapped out what I wanted to achieve over a period of time, or they were more subconscious vision board ideas, where I picked out images, words or colours that resonated with me at the time. Once down on paper, they usually told their own story.

I have run vision board workshops for years, often with people who needed to get on paper what seemed to be swirling around in their heads so that they had a visual image to work with. There have been some real revelations for people who hadn’t realised what had been playing on their mind subconsciously. We’ve had tears, we’ve had laughter, we’ve had many lightbulb moments and it has been an honour to witness.

Often clients, both in groups and individuals, turn up to the vision board idea sessions slightly cynical about the power of the board and I watch the enjoyment they get from the process. It really is one of the most wonderful things to see their joy as they take time out to cut and paste (think Blue Peter), and watch a story unfold on paper. To then see the revelations, they often have is hugely rewarding for everyone involved.

My one-to-one vision board sessions are a great way to either map out your ideas for the forthcoming year or see what turns up out of your subconscious. These vision board ideas then help you focus on what changes to make that perhaps you weren’t aware needed your attention.

I have several clients who have kept the mood boards that they have done with me over the years and take great pleasure in going back over them and seeing how far they’ve come. It’s always interesting to see what they’ve managed to manifest by being so focused on something visual such as their vision board ideas.

My mum was a great one for positive visualisation and she did this in the most creative way possible. It was her gift to me, and I love being able to share that gift with others.

Book your vision board session with me now. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be creative to create a mood board, it’s just a great way to create a different type of plan.