If you think about the word anchor, what does it mean to you? To me an anchor is something that keeps you steady, keeps you in one place, keeps you from floating off into the distance. An anchor is something that keeps you grounded.

Do you have things that anchor you in your life? Are there things that you rely on or perhaps people that keep you grounded, keep you steady, keep you from drifting? If you are currently feeling untethered, if you are feeling that you are in need of some anchors here are a few ideas for you.

  1. Identify things in your week that could be used as anchors. For example, do you have a routine on a Sunday evening or before work or school? Perhaps you make sure you do a food shop or meal plan on a certain evening of the week to help you plan? Maybe it’s your yoga class or exercise class that you do. Whatever these things are, these things that you do regularly they anchor you, give you focus to your week, some structure.


  1. I suggest you jot these things down on paper almost in the format of a good old-fashioned timetable, where did they fall within your week? Have a think about how these anchors make you feel? Does it feel good to know that there are set things you do at set times?


  1. What else could anchor you during the week? Please remember these don’t all have to be chores but they are things that if they happen at certain times give you a sense of feeling anchored, feeling in control. Make a note of these things add them to your Have a visual display of what keeps you grounded.


Here are some other ideas of things that can anchor you and keep you steady throughout the week


  • An early morning dog walk can start your day with some structure
  • Set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier than you would usually, get up find a peaceful spot in the house or garden, make yourself a cuppa and have 15 minutes of doing nothing. Giving yourself space will anchor you.
  • Planning time for house admin can sound boring but can be very productive and satisfying.
  • As mentioned before, meal planning and food shopping at a set time each week cannot only save you money but can feel very productive and can be used as an anchor in your week.
  • Exercise – a great anchor, something you do regularly that makes you feel better.
  • It can even be a bath before bed, maybe creating a bedtime ritual that helps you unwind.


Ultimately you are looking for things that keep you feeling tethered -I’m not talking about having a routine that is so structured it feels like a military operation but a few key anchors throughout your week to keep you on track and help you feel less overwhelmed.