This year for the first time in the 17 years I have been working as a life coach, I won’t be coaching in August.

Typically, August is a quiet month for me with clients – many people are having holidays, taking time out or have major childcare issues so I just don’t get that many bookings. The bookings I do get often get rescheduled for all sorts of reasons and usually fairly last minute.

September is a busy month!

Once September is upon us, once the kids are back at school, it’s all guns blazing again, and my September is always really busy. So, I decided that I would give myself time off from clients for the whole of August.

A resistance to change

The thing that has been interesting to me, is my own resistance to do this. I struggled to give myself permission, even though it’s my business and to be quite honest, I can do whatever I like – it just felt wrong.

There needs to be change.

Why did it feel wrong? Probably because it’s ingrained in us that we work Monday to Friday, 9-5 (or similar). That we get a certain amount of holiday a year. That in order to be perceived as “working hard” we need to be hard at it all the time. It really is time for more research into good working practices and how working differently can drastically improve not just people’s quality of life and mental health, but also their productivity.

Working on my business.

I won’t just be having the month off – I will be working ON my business. I will have time to write, design workbooks and workshops, to plan social media for the future and have some headspace for me, which I’m very much looking forward to.

So, having harped on endlessly about taking breaks from social media, about taking some time out, I’m doing just that and will be back in September.

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