When we’re hit with uncertainty either suddenly or in large amounts, it can throw us off. We can get frustrated, stressed, discouraged which leads us to feeling overwhelmed.

This is a normal part of life but how would it be if we could train ourselves to “go with the punches” a bit more and stay more balanced when things got chaotic, staying level-headed and calm, allowing us to cope?  It’s about having the right tools in our tool kit.

What Throws Us Off?

When we get thrown off, it’s like the rug being pulled out from under us and at the core of this rug-pulling is uncertainty. It unbalances us.

We feel uncertainty and uncomfortable when:

  • Something changes in our lives that we weren’t prepared for.
  • Someone criticises us or acts in a way that we don’t like so we feel vulnerable and unsure.
  • We have a lot to do, and we aren’t sure if we can manage it all.
  • Things aren’t going the way we had hoped for, and we feel anxious.
  • We don’t succeed at something, and we start questioning our ability.
  • We’re struggling with something or someone and we don’t know how or where to find the solution.


How to Stay Balanced

  1. Start by focusing on the things that you do feel in control of however small or insignificant they may seem- it can be something as simple as I get up and get dressed every day and get into work on time. Or the kids go to school with a packed lunch every day.
  2. Break down the changes that are happening. Rather than focusing on the bigger picture, look at what is happening right now and how you can manage that change – what is happening today? What is in my control right now?
  3. If someone criticises you or is unpleasant, rather than react instantly, practice my favourite – retreat, review and then decide what action or reaction (if any) you want or need to take. 9 times out of 10 just creating that pause is enough to take the sting out of it all.
  4. Take a moment – so much about balance is to do with taking a step back from a situation, viewing what is happening from a distance and then reassessing the situation from a calmer place. STOP, PAUSE and even if that means reassessing the next day, take your time to regain your balance.
  5. Time management – when you feel unbalanced, have a look at how you’re managing your time. Are there things you need to say “no” to? Have you taken on too much? Clear the decks and create some space, you feel less chaotic and more balanced.

Balance is something we need to practice – we don’t all stand on one leg and instantly stand steady & strong. It’s something we learn to do as a child, and we wobble around a bit first.

Finding balance in our adult lives is being able to manage the overwhelming moments, to take our time in making decisions so we are less likely to wobble. It takes practice.

If you want to have a more balanced life, feel less overwhelmed and chaotic, drop me a line or give me a call, I’d be very happy to chat about how I can help you.