Small was feeling grim and dark

Playing toss and fling and bang and crash,

Break and snap and bash and batter….

“Good Grief” said Large,

“What is the matter?”


Small said “I’m grim and grumpy

Little Small

And nobody loves me at all.

“Oh Small” said Large,

“Grumpy or not, I’ll always love you,

No matter what.”


Small said “If I was a grizzly bear

Would you still love me?

Would you still care?”

“Of course” said Large,

“Bear or not,

I’ll always love you no matter what.”

Small said “ But if I turned into a bug,

Would you still love me and give me a hug?”

“Of course” said Large

“Bug or not,

I’ll always love you, no matter what.”

“No matter what?” said Small and smiled


“What if I was a crocodile?”

Large said, “I’d hug and close you tight,

And tuck you up in bed each night.”

“Does love wear out?” said Small

“Does it break or bend?

Can you fix it and stick it, does it mend?”

“Oh help” said Large, “I’m not that clever,

I just know I’ll love you forever.”


Small said “But what about when we’re dead and gone,

Would you love me then? Does love go on?”

Large held Small snug

As they looked out at the night

At the moon in the dark

And the stars shining bright.


“Small look at the stars – how the shine and glow,

But some of those stars died a long time ago.

Still they shine in the evening skies

Love like starlight never ever dies.”