“Live in the moment”

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”.

“Self-care isn’t selfish”.

“Do what makes you happy.”

I know, I know, I know……….

Sometimes it’s all a bit too much isn’t it?

Every day we are bombarded by stuff, by messages, by ideas. We are told how we can improve our lives, how we could/should be living, how we could/should be improving ourselves and to be quite honest with you, sometimes it’s just too much.

It feels like noise!

I think it’s fair to say, most of us have favourite quotes or words that inspire us and if read at the right time can give us a lift or motivate us into action BUT in today’s society, there’s a lot of positive and motivational social media that can end up sounding like really loud noise.

Questioning yourself.

I noticed it when I was scrolling recently (yes, life coaches scroll too) and I suddenly felt overwhelmed by the bombardment of messages instructing me on how to live a better and more fulfilled life. It made me question myself.

Am I doing this life thing okay? Have I got it right? Perhaps I haven’t? Perhaps I should be practising more self-care whilst living in the moment and doing what makes me happy. If I don’t practise the self-care, I will be pouring from an empty cup!

A slight exaggeration but nonetheless, the same messages were coming up time and time again to the point where I realised that I now just gloss over them. They don’t really mean anything to me because I see them too often.

I appreciate my own business feed tends to have lots of “positive quotes” but that is my job and I do always try and put a different slant on them. I don’t want to become noise.


Things I’m doing to minimise the overload –
  1. Taking a break from my personal social media platforms.
  2. Avoiding endlessly pinning on Pinterest – I get sucked into the vacuum of quotes even if I’m not looking at those!
  3. I’ve limited my exposure to magazines and written publications for the moment.
  4. I’m not listening to podcasts that are wellbeing/mental health topics.
  5. I’m having a break from journaling – usually I love it, but I need a short break.


Does this resonate with you? Do you need a positivity break? What does yours look like?