So here we are, heading towards the end of 2022, perhaps it’s been a year of change for you, some good some bad? Maybe it’s been a fantastically productive year, maybe you have had challenges you never thought you’d manage but you’ve done it, you’ve got to this point so WELL DONE!

However, your year has been, I’m almost certain there have been times where you’ve needed or wanted some extra support, I know I have. That support can come in all sorts of forms – emotional, physical, support around the house, someone to chat to and run ideas past. Whatever that support may be, we are not very good at asking for it and also, sometimes we assume it’s going to cost a fortune and that is not always the case.

I appreciate this won’t apply to everyone but when you reflect on this past year and perhaps think about the forthcoming year, what would, or could you change to make life a little easier for yourself or to help you move forward the way you want to?

  • Being more organised about your meals, planning in advance to save time and money?
  • Not making impulse purchases when you’re feeling low and then regretting it afterwards?
  • Finding an exercise that you actually enjoy and can stick to?
  • Learning to prioritise tasks so that your to do list is NOT never ending?
  • Managing your diary so that you have a little more time for you?
  • Learning how to say no allowing you to then say yes to other things?

Life Coaching can help with all of that and more, whether it’s actual sessions with me or using the various workbooks or worksheets on my website, it can save you money in the long run and leave you feeling less overwhelmed and anxious.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation to chat with you about how coaching could help and support you, to see if we would work well together, maybe 2023 is the year for change and for finding out what could really make a difference to YOU!


“Kate is kind, compassionate, patient and caring and excellent at providing a ‘reality check’ when it is needed!
I have been working with Kate for 6 months and finding her was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. If anyone needs a Life Coach, you need her!”


I’ve been working with Kate for over 2 years now. Her approach is kind, thoughtful and above all else, no-nonsense. Sometimes a sounding board, other times the supportive motivator, always the refreshing realist. Kate’s work has helped me transform my professional (and personal) life these past few years and I can’t recommend her highly enough.


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